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One thing i forgot to write about, and its not that it wasnt important it just slipped my mind, but before i went to the airport Serge (robs daddy) intiated the cuddles and kisses on the cheek, he cuddled me tighter than he ever had before. I need his acceptance and love, just as much as I need Rob's mums because I know that Rob is their only son, but regardless of that, i know this will be long term, and it would be EXTREMELY hard to manage a good open relationship with them other wise. Heres some comments Rob told me his parents said when i had left

paj says:
dad made sure i said HEY back to you

paj says:
i forgot to tell you, when you went home, like when we got back, dad said he really liked you and that he was glad i was with someone so caring and stuff

bizzarbutterfly says:
that makes me really really happy

paj says:
and when you were walking down the... thing... to the plane.. the RAMP!.. yeah, anyway, mum said how lovely you were to me and that she's happy for me n stuff

He also mentioned about his mum being happier that I am becoming more open and such with them now.

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It's a really nice feeling when the parents like you. :)
is it fucking awesome, especially when they are such nice and good people. Im just glad his parents view me like that, because thats how i truly am, im glad they are seeing how much i love and care for him...

One example of opening up was probably when i was hyper and i was like WHERES WALLY, i mean LETS PLAY WHERES SERGE and then i jumped around hta corner and he came through the door about 5 secs later and im liker there you are and he looked at me like WTH.. yeh here i am. and then rob told him what he wanted LOL PLus watching DR Phil with his mummy and sharing our opinions on situations
LOL Has she shown you the naked picture of him when he was little? lol
he actually did that LOL!

That's the most adorable picture I've ever seen. :-)


October 4 2005, 04:47:22 UTC 11 years ago

heheh hes the cutest!