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One thing i forgot to write about, and its not that it wasnt important it just slipped my mind, but before i went to the airport Serge (robs daddy) intiated the cuddles and kisses on the cheek, he cuddled me tighter than he ever had before. I need his acceptance and love, just as much as I need Rob's mums because I know that Rob is their only son, but regardless of that, i know this will be long term, and it would be EXTREMELY hard to manage a good open relationship with them other wise. Heres some comments Rob told me his parents said when i had left

paj says:
dad made sure i said HEY back to you

paj says:
i forgot to tell you, when you went home, like when we got back, dad said he really liked you and that he was glad i was with someone so caring and stuff

bizzarbutterfly says:
that makes me really really happy

paj says:
and when you were walking down the... thing... to the plane.. the RAMP!.. yeah, anyway, mum said how lovely you were to me and that she's happy for me n stuff

He also mentioned about his mum being happier that I am becoming more open and such with them now.

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