Roxanne (greendayfan) wrote in myloveisdistant,

I'm new!

Your name/SO's name: Roxanne and Kenneth

Your Location/Their location: Washington state and California

Your age/Their age: 18 and 20

Total distance between the two of you: I don't know the exact distance, but it's to far

How long you have been together: 6 months on the 16th!

Brief story on how you met: We met in an online chat room actually. I was bored one night and he had nothing to do at work, so we somehow ended up in the same chat. No one was really talking to me, and he was talking in the main chat, being funny and stuff, so I IM'd him. We stayed and talked til his shift ended, about 3-4 hours after we had started talking. I've been hooked since

Any special things (songs, movies, etc) you have that remind you of each other: way more songs than I could post, but our actual song is "More Than Love" by Los Lonely Boys. A lot of things remind me about him in some way, but that song says it all

A picture of you and your significant other (PLEASE place behind LJ-cut!):
Sorry couldn't pick just one!

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Anything else you'd like to add: I'm glad to be here, thanks for letting me join!
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