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The Ultimate Boyfriend Survey
Where did you two first meet?:Chat room
When exactly did you two first meet?:August 2001
What was your first impression of him?:I didn't really have one.
When did you start liking him?:Early 2002?
When did you two start going out?:When we officially met in 2002
How was with your first kiss with him like?:Very sweet
Is he your first boyfriend? If not, then which?:No. He's my third real boyfriend. There were a few boys I "dated" that I you wouldn't consider dating
Are you his first girlfriend? If not, then which?:I think I'm his first real girlfriend....
About Him
How much older/younger is he compared to you?:He's 8 years older
Hair colour?:Dark brown
Eye colour?:Green/Grey
Build?:He's got a chef's belly
Astrological sign?:Aquarius
Skin colour?:Pale
Religion?:The church of Apple
Chest hair?:About 20
Scars? Where?:No
Know where's his birthmark if he has one?:He has a freckle under his right eye
Sarcastic/not?:A little
Clingy/not?:Not too
Expressive/not?:Kind of
Party animal/Stay at home kind?:A bit of both
Practical or more of the dreamy type?:Very dreamy
His skills
Can he cook or bake?:VERY WELL!
Can he repair/fix things?:No
Can he dance?:Yes
Can he sing?:No
Can he draw?:Yes
Can he play any instrument?:Yes
Can he write well?:Yes
Can he make you laugh?:Yes
Can he make others laugh?:Yes
What is his talent if he has found it?:He is an amazing cook
Is he good at science and math?:I guess
Things you like about him
What do you like about the things he say?:Everything
What do you like about the things he does?:He does it because he wants to
What do you like about the things he does FOR YOU?:I like when he makes tasty dinner
What part of his face do you like the most?:His cheeks
What part of his body do you like the most?:His bottom
What part of his personality do you like the most?:His sense of humor
What do you most admire about him?:He's trying really hard to lose weight, and he's doing so well
What part of him attracts you the most?:He's a very loving person
Do you know what attracts him to you?:He says I have beautiful eyes
Random quirks
Is he a pet lover?:Yes
Animal lover?:Yes
Is he environmental-friendly?:He can be
What are his views on political issues?:The British government gives out too many handouts. Some people have kids just so they can collect more money. Hard working people have to pay for this.
Is he racist?:Only to chavs
Is he a vegetarian?:No way
Does he drink?:Sometimes
Curse?:When he's really mad
Sleep around?:No
Abuse drugs?:No
Is he hairy?:No
Does he donate to beggars?:No
Is he neat/messy?:Messy
His love life
Is he a romantic? Self-professed or closet?:Not really
Is he sentimental?:Yes
How did he woo you?:His sweet smile
Does he give you flowers?:Once
Does he lavish you with gifts?:OMG yes.
Does he pay for your meals/tickets/etc?:Yes
Is he okay with confessing his love for you in public?:Yes
Does he express his love for you in words or actions?:Both
Things you don't like about him (though you accept his faults)
Any habits of his that you dislike?:He doesn't listen and leaves tupperware in his bookbag or on the floor instead of putting it in the sink so I can wash it.
Any part of his appearance that you dislike?:His feet are gross
Any part of his character that you dislike?:He's a pushover
Your feelings for him
So..how long have you two been together?:2 years and 11 months
Do you truly love him?:Yes
Does he truly love you?:Yes
Can you envision marrying him?:We are./
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You've been totally Bzoink*d

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