M (nearlynaked) wrote in myloveisdistant,

We were long distance for over 2 years, and in April I moved over to be with him. I'll post as if I were still LD.

Your name: Margo
Significant other's name: Jamie
Your Location: PA
Your age: 21
Their location: England
Their age: 29
Total distance between the two of you: loads
Brief story on how you met: We met in a yahoo chat room lol, started talking on aim, and in 2002 finally met. :)
How long you have been together: We met November 5 2002, but met online Aungust 2001
Any special things (songs, movies, etc) you have that remind you of each other: Goldfrapp
A picture of you and your significant other (PLEASE place behind LJ-cut!):

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