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My love for you is never-ending!!

A Community for long distance relationships

Distant Lovers unite!
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Every night I go to be dreaming of the moment I get to see you again; the moment when months without you are erased by a single kiss, the moment when all my tears are dried by a single smile, the moment when hearing your voice means seeing you at the same time. Knowing that the moment I dream of will eventually become a reality...

And that is what keeps me going.

Ever wonder what it is like to be in a relationship that was not only hard (what relationship ISN'T hard?!), but had distance as a factor? We are here to help you!!

For anybody who is in/has been in a long distance relationship, and cares to tell about it!

Here, you can:

-Seek advice about situations in your LDR.
-Share your experiences about your LDR amongst friends.
-Whine to us about how much you miss your significant other.
-Post pictures (as long as they are behind an LJ-cut) of you and your significant other.
-Help others in need.
-Be part of an ever-growing community for people in LDRs.
-Much more!

We will not flame you for anything in this community. We simply ask that you:

-Do no promote other communities here, unless it's got something to do with couples or LRDs.
-Place all pictures behind an LJ-cut (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75)
-Do not complain if other people post off topic, our moderators will decide what is and isn't off topic.
-Don't cause unnecessary drama.

Once you join this community, feel free to make an introduction post, so we know who you are, and what's going on in your LDR!! You can follow this simple set of questions, or wing it, whatever works for you:

Your name/SO's name:
Your Location/Their location:
Your age/Their age:
Total distance between the two of you:
How long you have been together:
Brief story on how you met:
Any special things (songs, movies, etc) you have that remind you of each other:
A picture of you and your significant other (PLEASE place behind LJ-cut!):
Anything else you'd like to add:

We are here to help you and your significant other get through the hardships of distance so you can be happy together forever! Please, come in and stay awhile! We welcome all success stories!! :)