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Well I havent posted in here often enough but nevermind.

I arrived at my boyfriend ROb's house on the 21st December (yes i know ages ago)
I've been here ever since, I'll be here till the 26th. I really love being here, his parents are really awesome and I love them to death.

I spent x-mas here obvioulsy and it was awesome. If you wanna see how spoilt i was click the link below.

X-mas was different but definately great fun. We spent new years as a family just watched fireworks go off in several suburbs from one spot :) That was lovely.

WE went to the Zoo :) I was a little scared of feedin animals. But the donkeys there were very clever, you could just pour the feed into their mouthes. That was a really fun day and I enjoyed myself ...Link Below

WE've had the house to ourselves for a few days twice, when his parents went away for a little while.

Last night we had his cousin over. The other night we took him to the movies to see Chicken Little which we both were pleasantly suprised with. We've been to GOld Class (lounge seating food brought to you) cinemas to see The LIon the Witcha nd the Wardrobe, Seen King Kong and hopefully soon Nanny McPhee :)

I enjoy being able to soak up love, cuddles and such. We've had a few tiny spats and upsets I guess, but nothing we couldnt handle, Its just adjusting to each other everyday. It helps us in the end because we can learn and deal with each others habits, ways of doings things etc.

I've loved my time, most the time I forget I have to go home. I hate that I have to go home sorta, its like another whole world here, and I love it. Nevermind though, trips this year are going to be somewhat limited. I am going to try find a job when I go home and work on my tafe course. Next month Rob will probably find a weekend and possible a little bit of a week to spend with me, and March rob will be coming up for a little while for my 21st Birthday. April I really hope I can get time off for a concert late April.

From there we are unsure, I HATE not knowing when we'll see each other next for definate, and also hate knowing theirs a great possibility that I wont be able to see him every month, I know its selfish coz some people cant have that EVER but I'm so used to it now. I'm going to miss seeing him, his parents, his family, Ben (cousin) etc.

Hope you all had lovely holidays and are doing well with your SO's.
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